Mixing EVERYTHING Into Slime! Aesthetic ASMR

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This was fun experiment to see whether we could make the prettiest slime possible using glitter, foam balls, gold leaf, cabochons, fishbowl beads and more. This was the first time I tried mixing face masks and glue as the base recipe. The final slime turned out strangely elastic and very stretchy without being sticky. We were able to play with it for a surprisingly long time (most DIY clear slimes turn rubbery and start ripping after a while).
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7 thoughts on “Mixing EVERYTHING Into Slime! Aesthetic ASMR

  1. It feels like ages since a Maqaroon/cute life hacks video but I suppose that’s parenting for you! Really enjoyed this slime experiment despite what a lot of people are saying

  2. Your videos r soooooo satisfying to watch and I really enjoy watching, and listening to them! I have an idea for a video where u combine all possible slime ingredients for ex: white glue, clear glue, gel glue, shaving foam, clay, instant snow, fake snow, water, glitter, etc.
    And different activitators put into one borax and water, contact lenses solution and baking soda, stalfo etc.
    Obviously u would put each item in small amount. But this all Is just a suggestion.

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